New iDRY models coming soon

We are excited to announce two new iDRY models. Both kilns will be available January 2019, but pre-buy deposits can be received starting November 20th. Pre-Buy deposits received before January 1st will get a 10% discount on the total price.

iDRY PLUS will satisfy many of you who are looking to fit that huge wide slab and those mills cutting a lot of longer lengths.  

iDRY TURBO has an even larger capacity, width and length. It also uses aluminum heating plates for direct contact heating of lumber, which drastically speeds up the drying process. This kiln will also provide the option of an inflatable rubber bladder that presses down on the pile with 1600lbs per sq ft. That means up to 180,000 lbs total pressing your lumber flat. Better flatness equals better yield!  

call for details 1-802-496-4241