What can I dry?

Stick pretty much whatever you want in this kiln? Just keep your expectations in check.  If you're trying to dry 24" beams they will crack, if you're drying 4/4 maple it won't.  

How much does it cost?

$49,000+ depending on the size

What is the operating cost?

About $100 per week for electricity

Do I need a boiler?

Nope, unless you want to use one. Most people go with the standard electrically heated version.

What is the power requirement?

208-240V 1PH 60A 60Hz

Can I put my kiln outside?

Nope. It will freeze and it is designed to heat the wood NOT the WORLD!

How much lumber can I fit?

1000 to 2000 board feet in the smallest version.  It really depends on the lengths and how tight you can make your lumber pack. 

Is this a vacuum kiln?

Heck yeah! 

Can I get this machine financed?

Go to the Apply Now button at the bottom of the home page.  Fill out the application.  Unless your credit is terrible we should have you approved today. 

How do I load this thing?

This kiln takes a stickered pack of lumber or slabs.  You can load it up by hand or with a forklift or your tractor.  Keep your lumber within the length and width of the trolley as best you can. 

Is the track and trolley included?

Sure is buddy…we wouldn’t make you build your own!

Do iDRY people install it for me?

No. Your local licensed electrician and plumber can handle it…no problem. We’ll help over the phone if needed.

Is shipping cost included?

No. We can quote shipping, but rates change all the time so we can only estimate the cost.

How do I get it off the trailer when it arrives?

Crane, forklift, a couple of forklifts, a bunch of bobcats or whatever works. This machine comes completely assembled and welded together. It can be picked up by lift points on top or from under the chamber with care. If you pick it with a forklift use bolsters to spread across the frame of the chamber to prevent damage to the exterior sheetmetal.

Is this kiln difficult to run?

Can you press a button? Then no.