iDRY Turbo

The iDRY TURBO is our heating plate style vacuum kiln. This dryer uses heating plates to directly heat wood under a lower vacuum than the other iDRY models, which makes it that fastest method of drying lumber while still offering superior quality over other drying methods. The press option is also very effective with this style kiln thanks to the heating plates ability to distribute all the force of the bladder down on every square inch of the lumber.


2X faster than iDRY or iDRY PLUS
 up to 6000 board feet
Heating Plates and Lumber Pile: 
21ft L x 64in W x 66in T
Power requirement: 
Boiler Heated: 208-230V 1PH 60A
Electrically Heated: 480V 3PH 60A
Energy Consumption: 2.75 kw/h average
Drying Time: Approximately 3 days per inch of thickness
Heating: Hot water heating plates (gas/wood)
Installation: Installed in above freezing and dry space, water connection, 208-230V 60A power
Loading: Hand Loaded, material handling systems available (External Track and Trolley Included)
Water requirement: 0.75 GPM
Controls: Touch Screen
Total Weight of equipment: 14,500lbs
1 Year Limited Warranty

Remote access

Price: $159,000 (price increase January 1 2020 to $169,000)

Jib Crane for loading plates: $16,000

Bladder Press (140,000 lbs of downward weight): $6000