iDRY plus

Available January 2019

The iDRY PLUS dries the same as the standard size iDRY. This kiln uses airflow to dry a stickered pile similar to a DH kiln or conventional kiln, but under a vacuum pressure similar to that on top of Mt Everest; making this a fast and nice drying system.


Capacity: up to 4000 board feet
Stickered Lumber Pile: 
17ft L x 60in W x 65in T
Power requirement: 208-230V 1PH 60A
Energy Consumption:
Electrically Heated: 6 kw/h average
Hot water Heated: 2.75 kw/h average
Drying Time: 1 week per inch of thickness
Heating: Electric (standard) or optional hot water coil (gas/wood)
Installation: Installed in above freezing and dry space, water connection, 208-230V 60A power
Loading: Forklift loaded (External Track and Trolley Included)
Water requirement: 0.75 GPM
Controls: Touch Screen
Total Weight of equipment: 10,500lbs
1 Year Limited Warranty

Price: $79,000

Select Options

  • Left Hand Door Swing

  • Right Hand Door Swing

  • Optional Hot Water Coil Only (customer supplied boiler) +$6,000

  • Optional Installed Gas Hot Water Boiler System +$12,000

  • Optional (2) Firewood Baskets +$2,500

  • 2 Year Warranty +$1,500

  • 1500 BreezeDried Stickers +$1,500